The Lineman’s Coach provides individualized football training for offensive linemen— empowering them with the attitudes, skills and techniques needed to overpower, outsmart and dominate their opponents.

Whether you are    
     … a high school player aspiring to make the starting team
     … a seasoned lineman hoping for a college scholarship
     … or a veteran professional who recognizes the power
         of  having your own private coach to bring out your best

The Lineman’s Coach is your opportunity to develop the edge you need to be a standout on the football field!  

The Lineman’s Coach is Mark Nordquist, 9-year NFL veteran and former co-captain of the Philadelphia Eagles.   Bringing years of knowledge and experience on the football field, together with an innate ability to teach, lead and inspire, Coach Nordquist has created a winning program for any motivated football lineman who wants a dominant edge.    

Polish your skills…
The markers of a champion on the offensive line include not just fitness and physical strength but quickness, speed, technique, power, finesse and fire

Offensive linemen who work with Coach Nordquist will master the basics and learn the subtleties of effective pass blocking, run blocking, double team blocking, trapping, pulling, stance, footwork and handwork

A firm believer in the power of excelling at the basics, Coach Nordquist emphasizes doing the simple things exceptionally well.   This means focus on detail, on polishing the primary skills—like having a great stance, leaning the keys to good balance, assuring agile footwork, maximizing contact dominance.   His goal is to have his linemen internalize these best practices until they become automatic reactions.

Leverage your strengths through a highly individualized approach…
Coach Nordquist provides a performance-intensive, highly personalized program for offensive football linemen.  Training is offered through clinics held in north coastal San Diego, California during the football off-season.  The personal approach of the clinics includes not just the observations and coaching of each player by the Coach, but ongoing film assessment, as well as collaboration invited from each player’s team coach through input before and after the clinic.  To assure the personal attention needed for each player, clinics are limited to 8 attendees and are technique-intensive.

Find within what it takes to win…
Another factor that makes The Lineman’s Coach Training unique is Coach Nordquist’s more comprehensive approach.    While he focuses on the physical skills each player needs to excel, he also facilitates the mental and emotional attributes as well as the character traits needed for sustained excellence.   The goal is to have each player gain physical ability, mental awareness and emotional strength, bringing to bear all aspects of these in his performance on the football field—and in his life.

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