About Coach Nordquist

Mark Nordquist is a 9-year NFL veteran and former team captain of the Philadelphia Eagles, where he played offensive guard and center for 7 seasons.   The last two years of his career, Nordquist was traded to the Chicago Bears where he blocked for the newly drafted Walter Payton.

Nordquist is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who now brings his experience and expertise back to the gridiron.    Dubbed by some a Renaissance man, post-football Nordquist co-founded DonJoy Orthopedics (today dj ortho, world’s largest knee brace manufacturer) and he went on to became a successful real estate developer, speaker, professional development coach and bronze wildlife sculptor.  

Yet his passion for the pigskin has never subsided.   After years of observing poor technique and a deficit of skills at all levels of football line play, Nordquist felt compelled to help and—following the urging of fellow coach, George Whitfield, Jr. (who works with quarterbacks, most recently, Ben Rothelsberger and Cam Newton)—he decided to launch The Lineman’s Coach.   

 Nordquist, also a basketball fan and active player, lives in Carlsbad, California with his wife, Joy—who insists that he is first and foremost a “jock” who merely masquerades as a businessman.

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