Our Mission

To train football offensive linemen to strengthen their skills, master their minds and dominate their opponents. 

A unique aspect of The Lineman’s Coach Training is the inclusion of emphasis on the internal attributes needed for success, both on the field and off.   Nordquist, who followed his NFL career to become a successful businessman and entrepreneur, has demonstrated and coached success principles throughout his life.  He is acutely aware that the traits that make a champion on the field are not just physical—and these are the same attributes that promote success in every area of life.

Our Mission is to help each lineman become…

Physically Strong
… transcending fitness to build quickness, technique, power, speed and finesse in a polished set of football skills.

Mentally Awake…
… increasing personal awareness, focus, mental tenacity, coach-ability and  optimism.

Emotionally Solid
… developing discipline, trustworthiness, persistence, determination, focused passion and a capacity for relaxed intensity.

Happily Successful
… at his next level of play, whatever that may be.  Coach believes that mastery of skill, together with discipline, is what frees the player to truly enjoy the game and excel naturally.

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