Why Individualized Coaching?

What most players (and parents) don’t realize is that team football coaches by necessity must focus on strategy and the game as a whole, not on polishing the specific skills and subtle techniques of each position.   They rarely have the time to look beyond general how-to and instead put most of their attention on team success— design and execution of plays, defensive and offensive strategies, teamwork…  

Working with an individual coach to develop the specific skills needed to excel at center, guard or tackle gives a player an edge that his teammates and opponents will not have.  Working with small groups of linemen, Coach Nordquist brings the individualized attention needed to polish each player’s skills and internal drivers, maximizing his ability to achieve excellence.

  • The lineman who masters these mental and physical skills will have a great advantage— increasing his chance to attain and sustain a position on the starting team
  • The lineman who leverages his innate strengths and learns better technique can gain consistency and dominance—improving his chances for a valuable college football scholarship.  
  • The lineman who gains excellence at each level of the game—from high school to college and sometimes beyond—finds great internal reward—and for some even the potential of a lucrative NFL contract.

Investing in private coaching can be money well spent and The Lineman’s Coach endeavors to keep the clinics both practical and affordable by working with small groups.

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